GW WiE and CSPRI awarded DoD grant for Women Veterans Conference

Conference titled Re-Entry for Women Veterans into Cybersecurity Careers to be held May 2021

October 5, 2020

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Closing the Gap Conference: Women Vets Re-Entry into Cybersecurity Careers


In order for the United States to remain a world leader in various fields of science and technology, we need a robust and educated cyber-workforce. A DoD conference on Re-entry for Women Veterans into Cybersecurity Careers addresses this crucial need to fill the exponentially growing cybersecurity gap (whether it is a talent gap of skilled cybersecurity workers, or a gap in the time between jobs in the military and the cyberworkforce). The conference will also focus on the gender imbalance in the field.

Recruiters are looking to under-represented minorities or green card holders to help fill the gap. Women veterans are extremely well positioned to be trained or retrained for cybersecurity jobs. Veterans bring extensive technical skills to the marketplace. Women, who have taken time off from their careers for family, military or personal reasons, are an overlooked, yet ready, population positioned to enter or re-enter a high-tech career. 

The Conference will be held as a one-day virtual event on May 25, 2021. View additional details here.