WiE Workshop 1: Looking for a Job or Internship

The SEAS WiE Workshop Series

Woman looking for a job

Our first Career Toolkit workshop (held October 16) focused on how to find a job or internship. Beyond the typical places to search, we address moving beyond “FAANG – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google” to identify a variety of places to search for the internship or job that is right for you. We also present tools you can use to measure the corporate culture as well as the activities and benefits offered so you can make a choice the fits your needs. You can watch the Job/Internship Searching Workshop video at this link. Read the article providing tips here. One of the handouts was on Security Clearance FAQs, available here.

This multipart interactive series of workshops, provided by the Center for Women in Engineering, along with W. Scott Amey Career Services Center, and the GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, is dedicated to demystifying the processes faced by women engineers and computer scientists as they search for an internship or a job after graduation. The series is being videotaped. Download the flier of upcoming workshops.

Pizza is provided at each session. All are hosted in SEH 2000.

Join us for any or all of the series!