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The Center for Women in Engineering issues a monthly newsletter, which includes an introduction and overview from the Center's Director, Dr. Shelly Heller. Featured each month are events and initiatives developed by WiE, along with news about achievements by women engineers. Each newsletter ends with Dr. Heller's "What We Are Reading" - books, articles, reports that we hope will inspire you as well. 

Below the current edition, you will find links to past editions.

WiE Newsletter - Current Edition (November 2022)

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Grad Student Welcome Tea

September 2022 Edition

What We Are Reading:

Hiring recruiter sparks outrage after revealing she offered a candidate $45,000 less than the job salary. I am a member of the systers listserv and there has been a very interesting discussion addressing the question “What would you do if a (woman) job applicant asked for too little money?”

WiE Welcome Tea

May 2022 Edition

What We Are Reading:

Hiring recruiter sparks outrage after revealing she offered a candidate $45,000 less than the job salary. I am a member of the systers listserv and there has been a very interesting discussion addressing the question “What would you do if a (woman) job applicant asked for too little money?”

January 2022 Edition

April 2022 Edition

We have been celebrating WiE’s 3rd anniversary and I wanted to wait a bit so I could include the most recent news.

The news is our celebrations reached many audiences and were consistent with our mission of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. ‘WiE’ seek to empower GW faculty, staff, students and alumni to become the best engineers they can be. ‘WiE’ works to build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills, and fully leverage                                                                        technology in support of academic and professional                                                                         excellence. 


March newsletter edition

March 2022 Edition

We hosted our “Meet Our Faculty” webinar on February 3 with a very interesting and timely presentation by Professor Leila Farhadi. Professor Farhadi took us through her work on  how data is gathered on water and energy cycles and how these relate to climate and climate change. The challenge – her challenge – is to create models that reflect the impacts shown by the data. If you missed it and want to learn more you can watch the recording here.  We are happy to have it posted on our website for those of you who missed her presentation. 

WiE thank you to donors image

February 2022 Edition

What’s on the docket for this month? I am eagerly looking forward to our 2nd annual (almost annual, we had to skip last year due to COVid – aren’t you tired of hearing or reading that phrase?) Edible Car Contest. 

What We Are Reading: 
A recent book (November 2021) by Eugene Parker, Becoming a Diversity Leader on Campus: Navigating Identity and Situational Pressures, has been my focused reading for the last few weeks. Parker has compiled essays from a wide variety of scholars and practitioners as he addresses the realities, shifting sands and future for those of us who are champions on campus for diversity at all levels.

January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Edition

Welcome to the new year! Upcoming events - Faculty series webinar Leila Farhadi on Space-Based Observations; Apply to participate in the Edible Car Contest held during eWeek.

What We Are Reading:

"The Anomaly," by Herve Le Tellier. Chronicle of Higher Education published a very interesting article about the challenges to associate professors.


Welcome to GW Graduates

September 2021 Edition

Welcoming new graduate students; GW female and minority faculty rank respectably in ASEE report; Alumna You Should Know: Ashley Kowalsky.

What We Are Reading:

Chronicle of Higher Education on analogy of women in STEM to the game Chutes and Ladders. 

GW back in person

July 2021 Edition

GW preparing to go back to in-person; Faculty You Should Know: Dr. Kinga Dobolyi; Yasemin Acar; Dr. Rachael Jonassen; Dr. Erica Gralla. 

What We Are Reading:

Diversity Education, "Undergraduate Enrollment is Down, but Trends are Encouraging for Women in STEM."

Prof. Emilia Entcheva with students

June 2021 Edition

Closing the Gap Video: Women Veterans Tell Their Stories; SEAS graduation celebration feaaturing Kendall Wheeler, B.S., Biomedical Engineering and Dr. Christine Darden; Faculty You Should Know: Prof. Emilia Entcheva. Recordings of past webinars. 

What We Are Reading:

Zero Fail, by Carol D. Leonnig, outlining the creation of the secret service. 

Dr. Mona Zaghloul - Nanostructure

April 2021 Edition

Promoting SEAS Faculty series webinar with Dr. Mona Zaghloul discussing the History of Female Engineers and Nanostructure for Sensors in Chemical and Biological Systems. Recordings of past webinars. Closing the Gap Conference on Women Veterans' Re-Entry into Cybersecurity Careers; CybHERsecurity: Women in Cyberspace - GW Security Policy Studies Program. 

What We are Reading:

NY Times: "Rethink Your Notion of Female Role Models: ASEE podcast series "A Day in the Life of an Engineer"; American Economic Association "Inventor Gender and the Direction of Invention,"

Biomechanics of Human Birth

March 2021 Edition

Commemorating National Women's Month! Highlighting "Our Stories" webinar with SEAS minority and female students discussing their experiences. Promoting SEAS Faculty series webinar with Dr. Megan Leftwich discussing The Biomechanics of Human Birth; meeting with "sister" academic women engineering and computing centers; recording of Dr. Poorvi Vora's webinar On Securing Elections; Blockchain Capabilities for Risk Reduction Management

What We Are Reading:  

Inside Higher Ed "Keeping COVID-10 from Sidelining Equity"; Cell Magazine "Fund Black Scientists"

GW Rotunda

February 2021 Edition

GW ranks high in U.S. News & World Report; Join webinar with Dr. Poorvi Vora on Securing Elections; WiE Mentorship Program featured in GW Hatchet; Dr. Shahrokh Ahmadi at forefront of team assembling "personal lab" kit for student during pandemic. 

What We Are Reading:

Journal Cell article on funding Black scientists; "The Half Life of Marie Curie"; "The Women Who Smashed Codes" on PBS; podcast: "The Science of Effective Mentoring in STEMM."

Prof. Erica Gralla introduced students to systems engineering using Minecraftt

January 2021 Edition

WiE Inclusivity Resources Collection; 2021 WiE Events; Closing the Gap Women Vets in Cybersecurity Conference Resources; Women You Should Know: Erica Gralla; Dr. Rachael Jonassen.

What We Are Reading:

AAUP Study highlighting salary and rank disparity for women and faculty of color compared to their male counterparts.

ADVANCE Journal essays by and for women faculty across "race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, national origin, ability, age, and other forms of social difference." Includes "Studying Abroad during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Experiences of Three African Women PhD Students."

Closing the Gap Conference

October 2020 Edition

RIP RBG! Picture a Scientist documentary; CSPRI and WiE Win DoD Grant: Conference on Re-Entry for Women Veterans into Cybersecurity Careers; Scholarships; Women You Should Know: Dr. Vesna Zderic (BMA) and Dr. Mona Zaghloul (ECE).

What We Are Reading:

womENcourage 2020; NY Times article on pandemic impact for working mothers.

WiE Job Search Resources

September 2020 Edition

The move to virtual; Black Lives Matter movement; WiE Mentorship Program; Job Search Resources; Celebrating Dr. Rumana Riffat (CEE) and Dr. Erica Gralla (EMSE); upcoming CVP-GW Webinar on Women in Engineering: Charting the Path to Leadership.

What We Are Reading:

The Soul of America; Report on impact of pandemic on women

Women Leading Change in Academia book cover

August 2020 Edition

Women are breaking glass ceilings, walls and slippers! A COVID-19 detection smartphone app; machine learning to increase efficiency in thermoelectric devices; AI project to convert implicit associations to explicit knowledge; Upcoming event "Lead like a Woman"; Title IX webinar; report on Privacy and Security in Upcoming Elections.

What We Are Reading:

Women Leading Change in Academia; The Last Archive podcast.

Sponsors vs Mentors Venn Diagram

July 2020 Edition

Mentorship Training Webinar Video; GW Middle School Girls CyberCamp being held virtually; George Hacks initiative to collect healthcare problem statements; Aylin Caliskan discrimination study featured; Facebook roles for people with 2+ years career break. 

What We Are Reading: 

NAS report: "Promising Practices for Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine"; The Last Archive podcast by Jill Lapore, Harvard University professor of history. 

WiE June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020 Edition

SEAS graduation videos; WiE Board update: with Shirali Nigam graduating, we welcome Alyssa Ilaria. Excerpt from Dean Lach letter to SEAS community regarding SEAS commitment to inclusivity in wake of George Floyd's death. Two ideas to "save" Summer work plans including Contact Tracing and improving resumes.

What We Are Reading:

The Researcher Journey through the Gender Lens (Elsevier)

Research on boredom (Erica Westgate)

WiE Webinar on SEAS Response to COVID-19

May 2020 Edition

Announcing upcoming virtual graduation ceremonies; released video of SEAS Response during COVID-19; announced WiE Mentoring Beta Program launch. Congrats to BME graduating senior Shirali Nigam; and congrats to Annamaria Konya Tannon, SEAS chief evangelist for innovation and entrepreneurship for participation in "Reduce Energy Use DC" initiative.

What We Are Reading:

The Woman Who Smashed Codes (Jason Fagone)

Darlene Cavalier, Professor at Arizona State, sought to find for individuals without a science background a pathway forward in STEM careers.

Image of WiE Edible Car Contestants

April 2020 Edition

Announcing April 27 WiE Webinar Update on SEAS Response during COVID-19; released video of Edible Car Contest; announced postponement of GW Middle School Cybersecurity Day Camp; welcomed new George Hacks Director; congrats Anna Warhol, GW BME student; invitation to imagine/create tech impacts of COVID-19

What We Are Reading:

The Social Sex: A History of Female Friendship (Marilyn Yalom)

Broad Band (Claire L. Evans)

D-Day Girls (Sarah Rose)

Image of Negotiation Workshop announcement

January 2020 Edition

Welcome to 2020! Announcing upcoming events, including Negotiation Workshop; Mentoring Presentation; Kudos to Dr. Grace Liu, GW Alumna; Apply for a SWE scholarship; SFS Deadline Jan. 31.

What We Are Reading:

Race and Racism in the Geosciences, December 16, 2019. Kuheli Dutt, Director of Academic Affairs and Diversity at Columbia University’s Earth Institute

Image of Programming Update from WiE newsletter

December 2019 Edition

Programming summary, including four Career Toolkit workshops held in the Fall; SFS deadline announcement; Upcoming Negotiating Workshop; Understanding Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions Workshops.

Image of WiE Office

November 2019 Edition

First WiE Newsletter! Announcing WiE Office, new Assistant Director Taly Walsh, new website, and upcoming workshops and events.